About GK

    What is Golden Key?

    Golden Key is an international honor society that has chapters in 8 different countries with over 400 collegiate chapters.We invite the top 15% of sophomores, juniors, and seniors along with the top performing graduate students. Our mission is to enable members to realize their potential through the advancement of academics, leadership and service.

    There is a one-time $80 membership fee to join.We invite all fields of discipline and majors.
    Once an individual becomes a Golden Key member, they are a member for life. This allows them to continue taking advantage of all the member benefits, even after graduation.

    $1 million dollars given out in scholarships each year.
    Scholarship opportunities include: education debt reduction, alumni professional development grants, research grants, study abroad scholarships, service scholarships and much more.
    There are also opportunities for members to receive local chapter scholarships from their individual collegiate chapter.
    More information can be found at Golden Key

    Career Benefits:
    With your leadership experience as a GK officer you are building skills that will assist you in your future career endeavors. Golden Key regularly holds virtual career and graduate school fairs.
    The GK website features a job portal that you can use to search career and internship opportunities.
    More information can be found at Golden Key