Sunday, June 05, 2011

Welcome Address

Welcome to the KU Online Chapter of GKIHS.  It is our intention that this blog serve as a point of connection between our members, a networking opportunity for service activities, one of many media avenues to welcome perspective and new members, and above all to further the mission of our society.

Stay Tuned!
Nicole Lee
Membership Chair, KU Online Chapter
Golden Key International Honour Society

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  1. Tell us what you think about the new direction for KUGoldenKey Chapter. What would you like to see happening in your chapter? Holla.

    By the way if you see a post that is "Golden Hot" in the "Rate it:" section we've achieved a new milestone; post that are "Go Gold" are post that are taking us to Gold status for this year as a society; "Love It" is another way to bring what any member thinks to our attention that as a group you support this idea, story, or member. That can lead to Member spotlights and more.

    If you are interested in helping with a service activity, getting one started or some other leadership role "we will call for "Interested" ratings.

    Hey you can use them anyway you guys like, honestly as long as your engaged and having fun changing the world.

    Nicole Lee
    Membership Chair, KUGKIHS